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Posts tagged #data visualization:

Mark SubbaRao, Director of the Space Visualization Laboratory at the Adler Planetarium | 2016-02-04
The modern digital planetarium is a powerful data visualization facility. The visualization software Uniview lets you smoothly explore a tremendous array of datasets spanning an incredible range of physical scales, from high resolution maps of Mars to our deepest galaxy surveys. All of which, when used correctly, has great potential to amaze, inform, and most importantly inspire the planetarium going public. Still the opportunity is there to do much, much more.
Dan Tell, Senior Planetarium Systems Support Engineer at Morrison Planetarium | 2015-11-06
For as long as I can remember I’ve liked maps. I’ve really, really liked maps. Somewhere along the way it certainly involves spending way too much time looking at the back pages of Dune and the Lord of the Rings, and led to many hours of my youth drawing my own maps of imagined planets in pre-adolescent science fiction world-building. For me, and hopefully audiences out there, maps are a really great way to represent data in the dome.