The Colorspace theater is a carefully designed package of display systems, servers, theater control system, and the award-winning Uniview fulldome software. Designed, delivered, and built by our experienced fulldome theater specialist team. Down to the smallest detail, it is the result of our passion for quality and immersive beauty.

All our solutions ensure high-quality systems with minimal maintenance and optimal ease of use – vital requirements for delivering the ultimate end-experience. With professional grade hardware components across the entire solution, we have developed our systems to optimize fidelity for your vision and budget, from day one and the years to come.

The Colorspace Package

Projection System. As partner to all major projector manufacturers, we have lens and optical blend solutions for a wide range of projector configurations. We help you select the right option based on your performance targets, including high contrast, high brightness and resolutions up to 8K. With robust mechanics we ensure superb image uniformity over time, and our automated alignment system makes recalibration easy.

Media Servers. Our servers are designed by us for optimal performance, and assembled and serviced by DELL for worldwide, next day and on-site support. We design for redundancy with drop-in spare servers, minimizing any downtime from hardware failure. All servers in our Colorspace solutions are open and allow you to install any third party software systems, including competing vendors´ software.

Software. The Uniview fulldome software is widely recognized as the most beautiful and intuitive platform for astronomy and science visualization. The suite comes with easy-to-use presentation and production tools, integrated video and media player, and much more.

Theater Control. All our Colorspace solutions come with a theater control, the operator’s main interface for managing the theater equipment and run shows. Through simple buttons on a touch panel, the operator can control the projectors, lighting, audio, show operation and presenter-led live interfaces.

Dome Screen. We provide screens from the world’s leading manufacturers, including several well-known options for minimum visibility seams between panels. Our theater design team help you ensure sufficient technical areas for new-builds, and help you select the right balance between projector performance characteristics and dome screen gain, aperture and tilt.

Lighting and Audio. We work with professional grade systems, tightly integrating the audio control into the theater control. A variety of standard audio configurations are available. Reliable, easy and fit to the scale of your theater; through active or passive speakers.

Seating, Carpets and Finishes. We work with the best Scandinavian and international designers for seats, control desks, lecterns and all interior finishes in your theater. We can offer a varied scope of supply, from complete designs to supporting your architects with best practices.

Fulldome Film Catalog. We distribute shows from the leading production houses around the world, providing the top end shows that are available on the market today.

Which Colorspace Theater Is for You?

Whether a planetarium, science center, museum or educational institution, we work together to find the Colorspace solution that is right for your needs and objectives. This concerns technical and architectural considerations as well as educational objectives, cost of ownership, and need for future flexibility.

To read more about our different display solutions, click here to download our latest Colorspace brochure.

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