New planetarium in Malta receives a Colorspace theater


In 2015, the Malta Council for Science and Technology will open the doors to the National Interactive Science Center, a complex that will occupy several of the most imposing and magnificent buildings overlooking the entrance into the Grand Harbour in Malta. The site comprises of 4 buildings and an outdoor space each of which will be pivotal to displaying exhibits and presenting live science. One of the buildings will be a stunning 10.7 meter in diameter planetarium, and we´re very happy to announce that SCISS will build and install a complete Colorspace 4K theater system at the site. The project is part-financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), with a co-financing rate of 85% EU Funds and 15% National Funds - Investing in your future.

“We are very happy to work with SCISS. For the first and probably most unique planetarium in Malta, we wanted a company which gives us peace of mind when it comes to all aspects of the project, starting from the actual design to the final delivery of the planetarium’s facilities. We are confident that SCISS will manage this complex project with the professionalism they have shown so far and look forward to an excellent long-term relationship”, says Elton Micallef Executive S&T Officer at MCST.

SCISS will design, supply, install and support a Colorspace 4K fulldome system that features a digital display solution based on a five channel Barco F35 setup. The Colorspace system will be powered by the award winning Uniview software, enabling the planetarium to show both the best fulldome shows and live presenter-led visualization of astronomy and other sciences.

“The dome of the National Interactive Science Center will be a signature attraction of Malta. We’re very happy to work with a wonderfully structured and professional client who shares our ideology and passion for live presenter-led shows, and who is setting out to bring ephiphanical insights about life, science and the universe to its visitors”, says Staffan Klashed, CEO at SCISS.

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Happy New Release - Uniview 1.6 has arrived


2014 is making its way and summer has finally reached Stockholm. Now we are happy to announce the immediate availability of Uniview 1.6, a release packed with new features, content and improvements. Here are some samples of what’s new:

Sky Tonight: A new navigation window lets you smoothly switch over to a Sky mode where you can easily give a full Sky Tonight presentation. Go to sunset, dawn, dusk or dawn or any other relevant absolute or relative time.

Surface Locations: Pan around the planet’s surfaces and around different locations. Uniview comes with an extensive set of interesting preset surface locations on Earth, the Moon and Mars. Add your own locations as well!

New Content: Among the new content you can find a number of volumetric nebula data sets, such as the Cat´s Eyes Nebula, the Ant Nebula and the Saturn Nebula. There are also other new data sets such as the HH34 Protodisk, the SNR 0509-67.5 Supernova remnant and a new DU version.

SCISS Tile Server: Finally Uniview has its own dedicated online tile server. We will periodically update the service with more and more data and will gradually gain independence from other map servers, thus guaranteeing high availability.

Reworked Content Library: Find bookmarks, surface locations and bookmarks. Fill the library with your own material, alongside with, for example, the more than hundred default surface locations or the basic commands for Sky Tonight. Just drag and drop the content to the Playlist or the Custom Events panel!

… and of course, much more! For questions and orders, please contact one of our partners or send us a request at

Conference season is here – what’s your plan?


It is high season for conferences within the digital theater world these upcoming months. SCISS will of course be visiting some of the gatherings, and we would love to see you there! This is our current tour schedule;

May 1-5 2014 Symposium of Planetariums – Lucerne, Switzerland

May 22-24 Ecsite Annual Conference 2014 (People, Planet, Peace) – Hague, Netherlands

June 23-27 IPS 2014 – Beijing, China

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to meet for a presentation or a chat. As we are about to release the new Uniview 1.6 software suite, there will be plenty to talk about; from the brand new camera modes to exciting new datasets - all accessed through a new customizable GUI.

See you there!

Flandrau Science Center in Arizona joins the Colorspace family


SCISS is proud to announce that the Flandrau Science Center at the University of Arizona is upgrading to a SCISS Colorspace planetarium theater by the end of the summer. Flandrau is the first family member in the US that installs a complete Colorspace 4K system, powered by the very latest version of the award winning Uniview software.

Located in the heart of the University of Arizona campus, Flandrau has a diverse audience which spans from school group field trips and families, UA college students taking classes, faculty and researchers visualizing their innovative data, to an array of special events both public and private.

“Flandrau is very excited about our recent decision to pursue a SCISS Colorspace 4K system and audio system upgrade for our planetarium theater. The diversity of our audience requires a system with the flexibility and robustness to meet the needs of all of these endeavors. The Colorspace platform is perfectly suited to help us realize our goals of creating a world-class visualization theater with the opportunity to inspire and amaze our audience”, says Bill Plant, Director at the Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium.

The Colorspace 4K features a display solution based on the reliable dual 4k JVC projector setup.

"It is very exciting to have this opportunity to work with the forward thinking team at Flandrau, they will be a perfect match with our growing community! During the procurement process, they asked all the right questions for setting up a modern planetarium, which I believe will make a real difference in the years to come. While planning for an exciting new system for the here and now, they also kept a healthy focus on costs for maintenance, support and upgrades, aspects that surely will benefit the long-term goals for the center," says Daniel Arnberg, Director of Customer Relations at SCISS.

New SCISS Partner Auriga


Pack your bags, we're going to Vancouver!


On December 12-13, the HR MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver will be invaded by Uniview users from all over the world. With sessions for beginners and advanced users alike, this year's user group promises to be something special. Besides a full day in the dome, there will also be lots of focus on the upcoming release Uniview 1.6. To sign up and get access to special rates at the conference hotel, please visit the User Echo or Ucare support sites or contact us directly.

See you in Vancouver!
/The SCISS team

HR MacMillan Space Centre re-opens with Best system on the planet


The 2nd of August marked the end of the era for Harold. After almost half a century, the starball had finally earned retirement from serving the community in Vancouver with night skies. With a new six-channel Colorspace system commissioned on time and on budget, the night sky will now be served by digital stars.

We are very happy that we chose to work with SCISS says Raylene Marchand, Associate Director at MacMillan. From the planning phase to the installation itself, everything seemed to be much easier than we first anticipated, and we could even keep the planetarium open for daily shows through the installation process.

Over the first month, there have been several shows running at MacMillan. From IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System and The Searcher produced by the Adler Planetarium, to live Uniview Sky Tonight shows. Using Colorspace is just so easy, from preparing and playing movies to presenting real time shows. We have been up and running continuously since opening, without any downtime or disruptions. In retrospect, Colorspace was very much the right choice for us, continues Raylene.

The Colorspace 4.2K system features 6 projectiondesign® F35 high resolution projectors and the second generation of pixel perfect blending technology to create a 4.2K seamless visualization. With superb balance between color, brightness and contrast, the image quality is in every aspect world leading. I could not be happier with the system says Rob Appleton, Executive Director at MacMillan. The quality even surpass my expectations. For me, this has to be the best system on the planet!

We are really proud to set a new benchmark for what multichannel systems can look like in the dome says Daniel Arnberg at SCISS, before he continues: But there is so much more to this than just selling and installing a high-quality Colorspace system. What happens after installation is just as important, and that is why we also strive to build long term relationships and friendships. In the end, we are in this journey together. We always knew that the team at MacMillan were a group of people we really wanted to work with. I hope everyone in Vancouver, including Harold, will look back at this system with the same sense of accomplishment over the next fifty years!

SCISS announces US support office


With the first North American installation of a Colorspace system completed and a contract for a second system signed last week, SCISS is delighted to announce a dedicated US based support functionality, based out of Denver, Colorado.

Having worked with a Uniview system at the Gates planetarium for many years, getting Greg Mancari and his Draco Consulting on board as a North American based support partner was really a no-brainer says Johan Sköld, COO at SCISS. For example, Greg installed the new Uniview Cluster at Gates just a week before IMERSA, and prepared and played about a third of the films on that system, so it's safe to say he knows what he is doing and enjoys to push the limits!

Being stranded after the Uniview User Group in Stockholm as the Icelandic Eyjafjallajökull Volcano erupted in 2010, the entire SCISS team got to know Greg really well. Besides being well known by many on the North American planetarium scene, Greg is always eager to learn new things and add value. He's simply the perfect match for us, Sara Roos, SCISS Director of Development, fills in.

From all of us at SCISS: Välkommen ombord Greg!

SCISS enters partnership with fddb


SCISS is now a partner to, a forum to share and find relevant fulldome information.

The world's first 8K projector


On March 21st JVC Kenwood announced their new e-shifted 8K projector DLA-VS4800.

SCISS AB and ORIHALCON Technologies have been working tightly with JVC Kenwood to develop the world's first 8K projector dome system with Uniview in their in-house dome theater. It realizes ultra high density dome projection by only two projectors.

We keep challenging ourselves to adopt to new technologies to deliver the best visualization environment to customers.

Framtidsmuseet, Borlänge, Sweden


The Borlänge Science Center Framtidsmuseet reopened February 16.

Among great changes in the science center, Framtidsmuseet now has a SCISS Colorspace system installed in the 7.3 m planetarium.

Four shows are already running, the movies Zula Patrol and Astronaut along with two guided shows produced in Uniview at Framtidsmuseet. One is Jorden, solen & månen (The Earth, the Sun and the Moon) aimed for grade 0-3 students and Solsystemet (The Solar System) aimed for grade 4-6 students. All shows are available to the public but thanks to Teknikerjakten Falun-Borlänge 800 students will also be granted the guided shows for free.

2013 will bring along more guided shows, now under production, for grades 7-12 as well.

SCISS Now Recruiting!


SCISS is looking for new talents - one support and field engineer and one software engineer. Interested?

Holiday Release


We are happy to annonce the release of Uniview 1.5.5, built on Uniview 1.5 but with a new set of exciting features in time for the holiday season.

Included among the features are full resolution Black Marble data and new aurorae visualization for Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year from all of us at SCISS!

Vitensenteret Sørlandet, Norway


SCISS has just installed a Colorspace 3D wall at Vitensenteret Sørlandet in Arendal, Norway.

They are now preparing the December opening show in their brand new science center, which will include interactive presentions of our solar system, galaxy and what is outside - all in Uniview on the Colorspace system.

The hardware includes projectiondesign projectors equipped with Infitec filters. Together with the brightness and image quality of the projectors, the 3D effect makes the projection on the 6 by 4m wall in the dark auditorium of the science center truly immersive.

SCISS thanks Vitensenteret Sørlandet for the hospitality during the installation and wishes great success with the opening.

New Curiosity Data in Uniview


SCISS have released a couple of data add-ons, which enables you to take advantage of the new exciting data from Mars.

Among the data there is a model of the curiosity Land Rover with a panorama from its landing location and a complete layerset of the Gale Crater from THEMIS in a 18 m/px resolution.

Thanks to Greg Mancari from DMNS and Dr. Carter Emmart from AMNH for leading us to the right data sources. All available on Ucare.

Uniview User Group, Bochum, Germany


Over 40 Planetarium community fellows descended on the beautiful Westphalian city of Bochum for the 2012 Uniview Users Group.

Topics ranged from user produced content to the launch of the new support forum, all in a relaxed social setting. In parallell with more advanced user presentations, workshops and training sessions took place for our newest users, getting everyone up to speed on the latest features. It is safe to say there was something for everybody!

We would like to thank the presenters for sharing their experiences and best practices; Dr. Pössel (Max Planck Institute), Dr. Roberts (Adler Planetarium), Dr. Yu (Denver Museum of Nature and Science), and Directors Wyatt and Florian-Horn (California Academy of Sciences). A very special thank you also to the host and presenter from Zeiss planetarium Bochum, Professor Susanne Hüttemeister, and her dedicated team.

We hope to see you all at UUG 2013!

Partnership with AVI


We have entered into a distribution agreement with Audio Visual Imagineering (AVI) out of Florida. AVI is integrating Uniview in their Omnistar product, a quality two-channel planetarium with 2.5K resolution, as well as to legacy systems and custom solutions.

We have come to know our friends at AVI as honest, straight forward and easy going people and their business culture aligns well with the SCISS mindset. We are sure it will be a great pleasure doing business together.