We are recruiting a Product Manager


Do you want to be part of a dynamic data-visualization software team? We are seeking a Product Manager to be responsible for Sciss’ software products in our headquarter office in Stockholm.

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Join the Upcoming Kavli Fulldome Lecture Domecast, "Our Planetary Experiment"


The Adler Planetarium is hosting its 5th installment of the Kavli Fulldome Lecture series this May. Dr. Daniel Schrag will discuss how the history of Earth and its neighboring planets provide hints of how "Our Planetary Experiment" might unfold. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity for Uniview users and bring the lecture to your dome via Uniview Domecast.

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The Nobel Museum’s first VR experience exhibited in Dubai


This Spring, Sciss collaborated with the Nobel Museum, HTC Vive and CLVR Works for the Nobel Museum’s exhibition “Understanding Matter” in Dubai. This unique VR experience created in Uniview takes visitors on several immersive flights through space and time, where the visitor gets to experience the grandness of space and at the same time learn how the Nobel Laureates have contributed to our understanding of the universe today.

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We are recruiting a Marketing Coordinator


We’re looking for an outstanding Marketing Coordinator for our Stockholm office, to be in charge of planning and execution of the company’s marketing and PR activities. The position is a full-time temporary 10 month post due to parental leave. Start date is preferably June 26th.

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Sciss Welcomes Senior Software Engineer, Ilias Bergström, to the Sciss Family


Ilias Bergström joins Sciss as a Senior Software Engineer based out of Sciss’ headquarter office, in Stockholm. Ilias is an experienced Software Engineer with a PhD in Media Technology and Human Computer Interaction. Ilias’ unique skillset and passion for his craft make him an excellent addition to the Uniview development team.

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Sciss developer, Jawad Mairaj, takes on new role as Uniview Product Manager.


Developing our product to fulfill the needs of our user community has always been at the forefront of what we do at Sciss. In an effort to continue improving upon this commitment, we are happy to announce that our valued developer Jawad Mairaj has taken on a new role as Uniview Product Manager.

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Sciss Selected for New Nobel Museum Project


We are thrilled to announce that Sciss has been selected to work with the Nobel Museum on a new exhibit to be featured in Dubai next year. Sciss will produce an immersive film experience that takes visitors on a journey through space and Nobel Prize winning discoveries.

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We are recruiting a Senior Software Engineer


Do you want to be part of a dynamic data-visualization software team? We are seeking a Senior Software Engineer to join our talented software development team in our headquarter office in Stockholm.

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Sciss welcomes Anders Sjögren and Lillian Jansson to the Sciss Family


We are thrilled to welcome two new members to the Sciss family. Anders Sjögren joins Sciss as Chief Executive Officer and Lillian Jansson as Chief Financial Officer. The expertise of these new leaders will help Sciss to continue to build on recent achievments and better prepare Sciss for continued future growth.

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Maloka Centro Interactivo has partnered with Sciss to install South America’s first 8K 3D system


Maloka Centro Interactivo in Bogotá, Colombia has partnered with Sciss to introduce the first 8K 3D dome in South America. Due to open December 2016, the new Colorspace theater in Bogotá is one of three Sciss installations scheduled to open in late 2016, further expanding Sciss’ global community.

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Planetarium Visitor Impressions: Getting to know your audience - a discussion based on TripAdvisor reviews


This white paper seeks to provide a greater understanding of visitor impressions following a planetarium visit, show how this insight can lead to stronger target marketing strategies and to encourage the use of creative and inexpensive market research methods.

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ATTENTION UNIVIEW USERS: Don’t miss your opportunity to join this upcoming Domecast lecture!


Introduced by Sciss in 2008, Domecasting technology has now become an industry standard. Chicago’s Adler Planetarium has already had incredible success using this revolutionary technology to optomize educational outreach around the world with their Domecast series of Kavli Fulldome Lectures. Don’t miss the opportunity to join their next Domecast, “The Warped Universe: The 100 Year Quest to Detect Gravitational Waves,” presented by Negris Mavalvala on Friday, October 28th.

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Impact of the Live Presenter


At Sciss we are always excited about the success of our users. Win-win partnerships are a core value of our organization and nothing motivates us more than hearing success stories from our clients – especially when it comes to Live Presentations.

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Graham Hodgson joins Sciss


We are thrilled to announce that Graham Hodgson has joined Sciss as a Senior Support Engineer. With 20 years of experience in the AV industry and having worked along side Sciss employees and clients for many years while at Global Immersion, we are excited to make Graham an official member of our team.

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SNEAK PREVIEW: Uniview Store - An online platform for films, presentations & modules. Coming soon!


Over the last two weeks we have revealed the intuitive new interface and the updated Panels presentation tool coming soon in Uniview 3.0. This week we introduce you to the Uniview Store - a new online platform where you can find all types of planetarium content on one single platform. Obtain and upload up-to-date and compelling show material like films, presentations and new packages of data.

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SNEAK PREVIEW: Uniview 3.0 Panels - A presentation tool for a new era. Coming soon!


Last Week we revealed the intuitive new interface of Uniview 3.0. This week we introduce you to Panels in 3.0 - a presentation tool for a new era. Join us again next week for the third and final preview introducing the Uniview Store and get the chance to win a free Neurodome film!

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SNEAK PREVIEW: Uniview 3.0 - A new era for live presentations. Coming soon!


We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Uniview 3.0! Join us over the next few weeks as we introduce you to Uniview 3.0 - a new era in live presentations.

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Seoul Science Center installs Colorspace 3D Wall™ as signature attraction


The Seoul Science Center, a completely new venue opening this year in Seoul, South Korea, has joined forces with Sciss to install a "Colorspace 3D Wall" as their signature attraction. The wall-and-floor installation will display a variety of beautiful and realistic space and planet visualizations, covering a large surface of approximately 58 m2.

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We´re recruiting a Senior Support Engineer


We are seeking a Senior Support Engineer for our Stockholm office to provide software and hardware system support to our customers in Europe, Middle East and Asia. The position is a full-time post, preferably based at our headquarters in Stockholm.

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We´re looking for a Marketing Coordinator


We’re looking for an outstanding Marketing Coordinator for our Stockholm office, to be in charge of planning and execution of the company’s marketing and PR activities. The position is a temporary post for 8 months due to parental leave, with the possibility for extension or a permanent position. Start is preferably May 9th, and it will be a full-time or part-time post depending on the agreement.

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Sciss announces Johan Sköld as new CEO


Sciss has announced that Johan Sköld, former COO, has been appointed CEO and will succeed Staffan Klashed who remains in a strategic role on Sciss’s board of directors.

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Sciss upgrades Kennedy Space Center’s Astronaut Encounter Theater


Kennedy Space Center and Delaware North have joined forces with Swedish planetarium company Sciss to design and install a new Colorspace system in the center’s Astronaut Encounter Theater. With over 1.5 million visitors annually and a unique heritage in space exploration, Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex will become an even more exciting place to visit. Astronauts will be guiding visitors through stunning space visualizations in 3D, all based on real scientific data gathered by telescopes and observatories around the world.

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Uniview Drop-In™ - now available for a range of display systems


Uniview Drop-In™ is a quick and easy installation package of servers and software – a cost effective way to get access to Uniview (and the upcoming release of Uniview 3.0) on your existing system.

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Sciss and Neurodome present “Neurotours” - live travel inside the human brain


Neurotours is now released as a complete live-show package and available for purchase to all our Uniview 2.0 users. Awe your audience with an immersive live-travel inside the human brain - a first-of-its-kind planetarium show.

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“Neurotours” favorite attraction at INSPIRIA Science Center’s “Brain day”


On October 8, INSPIRIA Science Center (located in Sarpsborg, Norway), arranged a “Brain day” in collaboration with the Østfold hospital (Sykehuset Østfold). Here’s an inspiring summary of the day told by Roger Eide, Planetarium Manager at INSPIRIA.

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Meet Diana, new Administrator at Sciss


Meet Diana Nanu, new Administrator at Sciss with exceptional language skills and with a thing for sci-fi movies (2001: A Space Odyssey and Interstellar are her all-time favorites). Diana moved from Romania to Sweden in August, and is starting a new page in Stockholm at Sciss’s headquarters.

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Glasgow Science Centre installs Scotland's first fulldome digital planetarium


Glasgow Science Centre has just installed Scotland's first fulldome digital planetarium, upgrading its facilities from an optical-mechanical projection system to a digital display system from Sciss. Due to open on 5th September, the planetarium will seat 115 people and will feature the technology to visualise real-time scientific data and satellite imaging, along with showing fulldome films, allowing its visitors to see our universe in a 360° immersive theatre setting.

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Two maximized days in San Francisco at our next Uniview User Group


We are planning for two awesome days at our next UUG at the California Academy of Sciences on September 21-22! The agenda will be mixed with presentations and workshops concerning new features in Uniview 2.0, a guest lecturer from NASA Ames Research Center, inspirational sessions by our users, and of course - hangin´ about with the best user group in the world.

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Paul Tetu new Project Manager at Sciss


We´re thrilled to announce that Paul Tetu is joining Sciss as new Senior Project Manager, starting this week. Paul, a well-known person amongst planetarians, has a long carrier in the planetarium industry and will bring a great deal of experience into his new role at Sciss.

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White paper: The next 20 years - A vision for planetariums in the 21st century


At Sciss´s new planetarium blog, launched today (!), our CEO Staffan Klashed talks about his vision for planetariums the next two decades. How can we as an industry shape a strategy to remain and grow increasingly relevant? In a new white paper, The next 20 years: A vision for planetariums in the 21st century, Staffan identifies three major trends that will decide the future of planetariums.

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