University of Alaska Anchorage installs Uniview Drop-In™ at the Planetarium and Visualization Theater


The Planetarium and Visualization Theater, located on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus in Alaska, USA, is now taking the step to install Uniview Drop-In™ on their existing system. From August they will be able to expand their programming capacity with the full power of Uniview 2.0.

Uniview Drop-In is a solution that allows planetariums with any two 4K projector system to install a smooth three server package on their existing system. It’s a simple and quick installation, resulting in immediate access to the Uniview fulldome software suite.

We plan on using Uniview to expand our public programming. We are most interested in the GIS display capabilities of Uniview to visualize landscape scale changes, using high resolution remote sensing imagery. We are a bit of a different planetarium, as in we have special presenters after each of our public programs. These presenters are experts in their fields. Having the Uniview system will make it much easier for them to integrate their talk onto the dome, says Omega Smith, Planetarium and Visualization Theater Manager.

Previously, most of our presenters just plugged into an auxiliary projector that displays on the front of our dome. Now we are hoping to have them use the full dome and display to present some real scientific data from studies done at our University, Omega continues.

The UAA Planetarium and Visualization Theater offers both live presenter-led presentations and pre-rendered fulldome shows to school groups and the public. The dome is 10 meters (33 feet) in diameter and the theater has 62 seats.

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