Sciss’s Colorspace theater system now fully integrated with Zeiss’s opto-mechanical star projectors


We are happy to announce that we now can offer a hybrid system that is fully integrated with Zeiss´s opto-mechanical star projector.

Photo credit: Zeiss.

By the press of a button you synchronize the star projector with the digital star field, and the transitions between the two systems are fully automated throughout your flight. The solution utilizes the best from two worlds – one can, for example, fly around the International Space Station while the star projector is kept in sync, or observing the night sky from Mars.

We have been working on a hybrid solution with Zeiss for almost two years, and we are very pleased that now are making this vision a reality. This is a low level integration with handshaking on a per-frame basis, ensuring that the two systems will look and feel like one homogenous entity to the user and the audiences, says Staffan Klashed, CEO at Sciss.

The implementation work was carried out by a joint team lead by Mr. Gunter Helmer from Carl Zeiss and Mr. Joel Nises, Senior Software Engineer at Sciss.

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