Sciss welcomes Software Engineer, Jeffrey SubbaRao, to the Sciss Family


We are happy to announce that Jeffrey SubbaRao joins Sciss as a Software Engineer. He is based in Chicago, IL, USA. Jeffrey studied at Case Western Reserve University in the US, where as an undergraduate he worked on the Neurodome project as a data analysis and visualization consultant. His fondness of planetariums developed during his childhood and fuels his excitement at Sciss to keep improving the planetarium experience.

Jeffrey is fervent about empowering planetariums to advance and better educate. Having spent a fair bit of his early years in planetariums, he finds this experience, combined with his competence in software development to be a powerful tool for applicable results. He is therefore thrilled to be joining Sciss as a Software Engineer.

Jeffrey has worked with Sciss on several projects both in Sweden and in the US, before officially becoming a part of the Sciss Family. He took part in the creation of solar eclipse effects for Uniview™ and has made a video for the Nobel Museum’s exhibit in Dubai, using Uniview™.

“Currently, much of my free time is spent learning Swedish, and I also enjoy exploring nature,” says Jeffrey.

The Sciss team wishes Jeffrey a warm welcome!