Sciss Welcomes Senior Software Engineer, Ilias Bergström, to the Sciss Family


Ilias Bergström joins Sciss as a Senior Software Engineer based out of Sciss’ headquarter office, in Stockholm. Ilias is an experienced Software Engineer with a PhD in Media Technology and Human Computer Interaction. Ilias’ unique skillset and passion for his craft make him an excellent addition to the Uniview development team.

Ilias’ passion for advanced computer graphics developed at a young age and encouraged him to pursue a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Computer Graphics. Post-graduation, Ilias developed design and analysis software for structural engineering at Computer Control Systems in Athens, Greece.

He went on to further his education at University College London in the U.K., where he earned a PhD in Media Technology and Human Computer Interaction. During his three subsequent post-doctoral appointments, Ilias enriched his knowledge in virtual reality technology, creating several complex, immersive VR experiences, while also gaining pedagogical skills through teaching.

On joining Sciss, Ilias shares,

“I deeply enjoy collaborating with other software engineers, as well as experts from other disciplines. To better understand how, through our combined expertise, a technical innovation extends the reach of specialist users. I have in this manner had the opportunity to collaborate with civil engineers, psychologists, neuroscientists, audio-visual artists and musicians.
I now greatly look forward to applying the skills I have gathered thus far, to expand the reach of the SCISS Uniview software, thus furthering the creation of modern, novel, immersive experiences.”

Outside of his passion for software engineering, he enjoys playing music and has experience recording and mixing bands in a professional studio. He has also developed his own software for creating real-time audio-visual performances and is a keen cyclist.

The Sciss team wishes Ilias a warm welcome!