Maloka Centro Interactivo has partnered with Sciss to install South America’s first 8K 3D system


Maloka Centro Interactivo in Bogotá, Colombia has partnered with Sciss to introduce the first 8K 3D dome in South America. Due to open December 2016, the new Colorspace theater in Bogotá is one of three Sciss installations scheduled to open in late 2016, further expanding Sciss’ global community.

Sciss, a leading vendor of modern fulldome solutions and the award winning Uniview software, has joined forces with Maloka Centro Interactivo (Maloka) to bring the first ever 8K 3D fulldome theater to South America. The Colorspace theater upgrade will replace Maloka’s current large format film projector and include 5 Christie Mirage 304K projectors. The digital dome will be powered by Sciss’s Uniview 3.0 software and high performance servers, also designed by Sciss.

A bird’s-eye view of the Maloka Centro Interactivo in Bogotá, Colombia. Photo source: Maloka

Maloka is the center of science and technology learning in Colombia and plays an important role in inspiring future generations’ awareness of its importance for Colombia in the modern world. Maloka’s dome theater was first opened in 1998 and was the first giant format film theater in South America. The Dome’s architecture is still today a symbol of creativity, innovation and technology in Colombia. The theater seats 314 people, has a 180º screen and a 30,000 watt sounds system. Juan Camilo Acosta, Director of Communications at Maloka, comments:

We are beyond excited to introduce our new Colorspace digital theater to the community. With the new digital format, we will have an increased ability to integrate formal and informal education in our dome, with greater flexibility and real-time topical content. Audiences of all ages will benefit from the highly significant live learning experience through Uniview. The theater provides a place for meeting, growth and enrichment of the community, one which respects and values the human experience on our planet.”

The dome is accompanied by nine exhibition halls with a variety science and technology themed exhibits. Photo source: Maloka

Sciss’ worldwide community of Uniview users has seen incredible growth in recent years and this expanding network and knowledge base provides unlimited possibilities for enlightening and inspiring communities across the globe through scientific visualizations. Through community forums and Domecasting events, Uniview users have excellent opportunities to share their unique perspectives and connect with scientific communities across continents.

Per Hemmingsson, co-founder of Sciss, comments on the new partnership:

"We are thrilled to welcome Maloka to our growing Sciss family and look forward to supporting them in their mission to inspire a passion for science and technology in Colombia. They have already inspired so many throughout their community and we look forward to watching this inspiration grow following the Colorspace upgrade.”

Maloka joins at an exciting time for Sciss. Uniview 3.0, a state-of-the-art scientific visualization software that will lead the industry into a new era of live presentations, is scheduled for release prior to their December opening. With Domecasting events and presentation sharing through the Uniview Store, the ability to learn from and collaborate with scientific experts has never been more accessible. With the simplicity of Sciss’ turnkey dome theater solutions and Uniview software, any member of the theater’s staff (or audience!) is capable of running a quality show.