Seoul Science Center installs Colorspace 3D Wall™ as signature attraction


The Seoul Science Center, a completely new venue opening this year in Seoul, South Korea, has joined forces with Sciss to install a "Colorspace 3D Wall" as their signature attraction. The wall-and-floor installation will display a variety of beautiful and realistic space and planet visualizations, covering a large surface of approximately 58 m2.

The new science center is being commissioned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the administrative organization of Seoul city. They caught interest in the attraction after a visit to Ars Electronica Center’s 3D wall installation Deep Space in Austria, and decided to look into building a similar signature attraction at the Seoul Science Center. Sciss’s visualization software Uniview is among one of the most popular applications shown in the Deep Space 8K.

Image of Uniview visualizations being displayed at “Deep Space” at Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria. Photo credit: Dietmar Hager.

The “Colorspace 3D Wall” is a display and software solution developed by Sciss. The display system at the Seoul Science Center will include two VPL-GTZ280 projectors from Sony, a new high-performing projector model running on laser phosphor light source technology. The Uniview software is a well-known visualization software from the planetarium world that provides beautiful and realistic visualizations of space, planets and even the human brain – all based on real data.

A model of the "Colorspace 3D Wall" that is to be installed at the Seoul Science Center. The wall-and-floor attraction will cover a large surface of approximately 58 m2. Photo credit and copyright: Sciss.

The planned opening of the Seoul Science Center and the new wall installation is expected to come to pass late 2016.