SNEAK PREVIEW: Uniview 3.0 - A new era for live presentations. Coming soon!


We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Uniview 3.0! Join us over the next few weeks as we introduce you to Uniview 3.0 - a new era in live presentations.

For over a decade Sciss has delivered astronomy tools and systems to planetariums, science centers, museums and educational institutions all over the world. Uniview software has been the beating heart of all our configurations and with Uniview 3.0 we bring the live-presenter into a new era. An era where a live-presentation is quick, easy and reliable. At Sciss, we’ve embraced the digital revolution of planetariums and, in many cases, we are leading it. In Uniview 3.0, we have developed the most intelligent planetarium visualization software to date.

A New Interface

Today we introduce you to the beautiful new interface of Uniview 3.0, with the first of three sneak preview videos. Take a look at the exciting new look of 3.0 in the video below and come back next week to get an inside look at the new and improved Uniview Panels!

Stay tuned and you could be the lucky winner of a Neurodome film!

Over the next couple weeks we will release the remaining two videos: Uniview 3.0 Panels and Uniview 3.0 Store. Watch the 3 videos, catch the popular movie references and following the third release on June 15th you will have the chance to win a Neurodome film!