SNEAK PREVIEW: Uniview Store - An online platform for films, presentations & modules. Coming soon!


Over the last two weeks we have revealed the intuitive new interface and the updated Panels presentation tool coming soon in Uniview 3.0. This week we introduce you to the Uniview Store - a new online platform where you can find all types of planetarium content on one single platform. Obtain and upload up-to-date and compelling show material like films, presentations and new packages of data.

The store is hosted by Sciss and driven by us, producers and our vibrant user community. Anyone with a user account can both upload and download content, either free or for-purchase. Click on your chosen article, choose payment method and fire away. Check out the short video below to see more!


We distribute fulldome films from the leading production houses around the world, providing the top end shows available on the market today. In the Films section you can find films and clips for free and for-purchase. Search by names, categories or genres and watch trailers. The whole purchasing process can be managed here: choosing a license model, signing the license agreement, downloading marketing material and picking your preferred payment method.


In the Presentations section you can find everything you need to incorporate a new live-presentation into your program: live-presentation packages that consist of Panels presentations and unique visual content, along with comprehensive storylines and marketing assets. The presentation bundles are downloaded with a few clicks and then easily imported into Uniview.


In this section you can navigate amongst the available Modules – packages of data created by Sciss and the user community that contains additional Uniview content like satellites, asteroids, or black holes. A data module can be downloaded from the Uniview Store and easily imported into your Uniview library and presentations.

This concludes our 3.0 sneak preview series. Uniview 3.0 will be available this fall and we can not wait to show you all that is in store!

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