Uniview Drop-In™ - now available for a range of display systems


Uniview Drop-In™ is a quick and easy installation package of servers and software – a cost effective way to get access to Uniview (and the upcoming release of Uniview 3.0) on your existing system. The solution is now developed for a number of different 4K display systems. Our engineers manage the server installation on-site – using your existing video infrastructure – and you are good to go!

Get Uniview on your existing projectors

Uniview Drop-In is an easy, fast, and cost effective way to get access to Uniview 2.0 - a modern planetarium software with high-end presentation and production tools, the latest visualization of real-time astronomy and neuroscience, domecasting, media playback, and much more. One year of upgrades are included in the package, which means you will be able to upgrade to Uniview 3.0 when released in 2016.

Maximize your system´s lifetime and reliability

With the extra server cluster you minimize downtime in the event of computer failure, and you prolong the life time of your existing display system. Everything is factory installed, configured and tested before the on-site installation, resulting in a fast, easy, and extremely reliable system launch. A 5 year server warranty is included.

The display systems required for Uniview Drop-In are (for prices and more information on what is included, click on each offer below):

If you have any questions or are interested in a demo, please contact our sales team at sales@sciss.se.