the eye-opener

According to our user survey from 2012, the average Uniview™ user runs two realtime shows per day, the rest being pre-rendered movies produced in Uniview or by other means. Regardless, in the course of a year Uniview is used to deliver understanding and inspiration to millions of people.

The Uniview™ suite of software, developed by SCISS in close collaboration with academic and scientific partners, is one of the most widely used systems for visualization in dome theaters. With an integrated video player and rapid production tools, the Uniview™ suite delivers a complete set of tools for dome theaters.

Integrated Fulldome Video

Uniview integrates a high quality video player for mixing realtime and movie playback. A user-friendly tool to prepare video and audio is included so users can add their own content with just a few clicks and for medium resolution systems the video plays slice-free.

Realtime Data

Uniview has access to a network of daily updated satellite imagery that can be integrated in a show at minutes notice. Show weather events as they happen. Follow the exploration of Mars and the Moon. Engage in the search for habitable planets.

Professional Render Quality

Uniview combines careful art direction with innovative visualization techniques. Using the power of current generation graphics cards, Uniview delivers advanced lighting, shading and shadows as well as millions of particles and orbital bodies.

Rapid Production

Uniview features timeline editing as well as an extremely easy to use function to record live flights into a timeline. The same production can be rendered to any resolution and deployed in dome, exhibits or used online. Uniview also features an easy to use playlist, allowing users to drag'n drop objects, recorded sequences and other items into a sequential presentation.

Open Interface

There is a new programming interface to Uniview called USES. This is a low-level OpenGL shader programming interface, enabling you to implement virtually any effect into your Uniview system. A low-level interface like this is maintained by the OpenGL consortium, which is preferable to a higher level API custom-designed by a small group of programmers.


Uniview systems can interconnect. A realtime show can be broadcast, live, to another dome or to classrooms in the school district or across the world. Up to 8 users can participate in the same dome experience.

Observational Astronomy

Uniview is a complete classical planetarium. For all the innovations, the classic experience of what's in the sky tonight is still amazing. Especially when it includes every single dataset available, including deep field surveys of galaxies and quasars.

Wireless Interfaces

Uniview supports a wide variety of customizable, programmable wireless interface devices. This enables a user to move control of a show from the console to in front of the audience, or even to the hands of the audience.

Uniview Integrators

Uniview is integrated into complete planetarium solutions by our partners at Carl Zeiss, Elumenati, Orihalcon Technologies and AVI.