The Uniview™ suite of fulldome software is the beating heart of the Colorspace theater experience. According to our user survey from 2012, the average Uniview user runs two live shows per day, the rest being pre-rendered movies produced in Uniview or by other means. Listening to these user trends, Uniview significantly expands the scientific content available to visitors, educating and inspiring millions of people all around the world with live presentations. This is the outright strength in our solutions - ensuring that your Colorspace theater stays relevant and has a distinct profile compared to regular movie venues.

Astronomy Datasets

With a proud legacy in the fulldome theater world, our Uniview software features over 200 datasets.

Realtime satellite imagery. The advanced visualization capabilities include direct access to satellite imagery of the Earth. Uniview has access to a network of daily updated satellite imagery that can be integrated in a show at a minutes notice. Show weather events as they happen. Follow the exploration of Mars and the Moon through high resolution texture maps from HiRISE and LRO. Engage your audience in the search for habitable planets.

Digital Universe. Uniview includes datasets from the entire Digital Universe. This 3D atlas of the universe allows users to explore over 50 categories of scientific models, including all known objects in the solar system, Kepler candidates, star forming regions, star clusters, the local group, deep space objects, Sloan galaxies, and quasars to name a few.

... and much more. Beside the Digital Universe, an extensive collaboration with USGS Earthquake, NASA JPL, Goddard, and NASA Earth Observations has enabled Uniview to hold a vast variety of stunning scientific visualization.

Datasets Beyond Astronomy

We are the only fulldome company in the world to offer Neurodome, a live presentation featuring actual three-dimensional neuroscientific data from leading scientists. The Neurodome datasets give your visitors the experience of wandering through neurons, climbing the surface facets of the cerebral cortex, and flying down into biological scales that span millions of times of magnification.

PHOTO: Thomas Liebmann, Neurodome

The Beauty

Uniview is widely recognized as the most realistic data visualization platform in the industry. With a team of talented graphics programmers, we take every measure possible to ensure the representation of any given dataset is as true to realism as possible, and for abstract elements carefully designed for a pleasing appearance. Camera movements are carefully crafted to be smooth and cinematic.

User Comfort

Intuitive. Through an intuitive user interface on a touch panel or from behind the console, the system operator has the entire dome at his fingertips, from shutters and lighting, to video, interactive exploration of the night sky, and hundreds of other datasets. Databases are fully searchable and presentations can be shared and tailored through simple drag and drop operations. Uniview integrates a high quality video player, allowing easy mixing of realtime and movie playback. Via an intuitive playlist control window, a novice user can setup and execute a variety of different steps of a show.

Customizable. The Uniview interface is highly customizable, creating a comfortable environment adapted to your theater staff's specific needs. The user can reliably deliver shows on time, on schedule, without surprises or unexpected results.

Cloud service. Uniview provides streaming of cloud based data to your fulldome theater, enabling high resolution textures and terrain maps from a variety of NASA's WMS servers. This way, you can stream and show your audience geological events as they happen. Follow volcanic eruptions or nature disasters such as Deepwater Horizon, and monitor them evolving over several weeks. With the SCISS Tileserver, Uniview hosts exclusive high resolution layers that cannot be found in any competing software.

Collaborative. Uniview can talk to other Uniview-based systems in other fulldome theaters, through the unique Domecasting capabilities. Presenter-led sessions can be shared across theaters and the same presenter can simultaneously address audiences in up to 8 interconnected theaters.

Fulldome Shows

Uniview users have access to a catalog of high quality fulldome shows, from leading producers in the industry. We also allow fulldome shows licensed from a third party to be installed on our systems, and we offer translation services to most languages. The system ships with a native video preparation tool, ensuring no hidden costs when preparing content.

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